About - Vicinality
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About us

A place for regular people like you and I

Sharing made easier. Vicinality is a platform for people with similar interests to gather and enjoy themselves. The essence of Vicinality lies in the foundation of our communities. We hope that people from all diverse spheres of life are able to find their niches among us. At Vicinality, we realize the importance of uniqueness of a person and we aim to bring communities together. Our platform introduces people with mutual interests to each other.

About Vicinality

The idea behind this concept is that people with similar interests irrespective of their defining personality types gather and enjoy the company of each other. This is a unique idea specially catered for this generation and the ones to come.
Humans don’t come in binary forms and while realizing this, we were able to come up with the idea of this platform. It acts as a safe place for people to come together and enjoy their preferable company. It would act as an umbrella; a sort of a shelter for people who feel themselves marginalized. People who feel that they don’t belong, definitely belong here! Wouldn’t it be amazing if you’re able to connect with your favourite people no matter where you’re sitting? Wait this sounds familiar, doesn’t it? But how is this social platform different? Easy! This works on a specific algorithm that works on people near you! Wouldn’t it be amazing to see how many people believe in the same things that you do? All the while, having the opportunity to meet them! At your own wish!