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social media

Social Media: A Tool, A Vice Or A Necessity

Internet has made the world smaller and even though it can be a good thing in many aspects it has definitely its own cons. When internet became common it brought with it, an influx of internet based applications. These internet based applications range from games to service providing companies. But this was not all that came with the internet technology, social media became one of the most common terms of the time. Although we might think that social media is a recent invention but the concept of a social media site has been around for longer than we think. The first recognizable social media site, Six Degrees, was created in 1997. It enabled users to upload a profile and make friends with other users.

You might have heard “Social media is a menace of 21st century”. The question that arises is; how did this happen? When did the term get associated with a negative connotation?

Social media is an effective way to remain in touch and aware of;  the world, your loved ones and much more. It is an efficient way to communicate. Instead of waiting for replies for days, you can now get instant replies! Apps like Instagram and Snapchat allow you insight into the lives of people living miles away! You can socialize and interact with the people around the world and even keep in touch with your loved ones.

Social media marketing has become one of the formidable tools of marketing in the business world. You are able to connect with your audience on a ground level and affect them in a way that was not possible through commercials and other mediums. The word of your business is spread around with the help of interactive content.

But where does the problem arise? If connectivity is such a good thing why has social media become problematic in this era?

Over the couple of last years the extensive use of social media among young adults has risen some serious concerns in our community. While we sit in the safety of our homes, we are not aware of the person behind the other screen. This is specially problematic when it comes to kids and their exposure to the world. Several unfortunate incidents of catfishing, fraud and fake identity have marred the reputation of social media.

Social media is highly addictive; so much, that a teenager might spend nearly nine hours on social media. Extensive time on social media captures them in a never ending loop of comparing themselves with online people. This constant state of “not being good enough” inculcates in them a sense of self pity.

Social media is complex, it can not be classified as a tool or a problem. Everyone’s use of social media differs. Some people use it for business, some people use it to talk to their loved ones and many use it to remain in touch with the news. “Excess of everything is bad”.  If social media is doing more harm than good for you, maybe it’s time to take a break!


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