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When life gives you Lemons

When Life Gives You Lemons: Guide To A Happy Life

What is a happy life?  Or is that a myth?

Can it be achieved by a formula?

These questions are a mystery for all of us.

 But what to do when life gives you lemons?

When we were young, all of us had very different ideas about where we would be in our future lives. It would be very rare that any of us actually became the versions of ourselves which we had imagined many years ago. But should we let that dictate our happiness? No. Let’s talk about some of the secrets to a happy life or the myth of it.

1. Money does not equal to happiness

First thing to understand in the “happy life” equation is that money does not automatically mean happiness. Just because you earn in six figures does not ensure happiness. Money is a necessity of life and as the saying goes “Money makes the world go round” . But money does not bring love or happiness. It is important to remember this tip while you progress in life and keep yourself grounded.

2. Be grateful

You can never run out of things to be grateful. You’re healthy, you have shelter, a warm bed to sleep on. Be grateful everyday. Being grateful would lead to a more a positive attitude towards your own life and make you more enthusiastic about it. Being grateful elevates your mood and diminishes the stress factor.

3. Let it go

Anger, hurt or grudges. One thing can be said about all three. LET IT GO. When you’re holding on to negative emotions the only person you’re hurting is you. Imagine a reservoir. What happens when you try to store more than its capacity? It breaks down. That’s exactly what happens to a human when they pent up emotions for too long. Let it go. Nothing is worth hurting yourself over.

4. Surround yourself with positivity

It is evident that our company has a significant result on our mood levels. Positive people have the ability to brighten up your day and change your outlook towards life, for better of course. It’s high time that you cut off the toxic people from your life. When you’re in a 24/7  cycle of listening to the problems and miseries of life it’s bound to get to you. Let go of toxicity and say hello to positivity!

5. Live in the moment

It sounds easy enough to say it but a different story to implement this in the real life. It is important to live in the moment  because we as humans have an extremely difficult time doing exactly this! We spend too much time thinking. Thinking about past, present, future. Trying to plan and map out every little detail of our lives leaves us stressed and anxious. It is important to sit back sometimes.



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