Eid In Muslim Communities
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The Essence Of Eid

Around the world, Muslims are commencing their Eid festivities from today. Although COVID’19 has made it difficult for the Muslim communities to gather together and celebrate in conventional ways. The social spirits of people are still flying high! Eid comes twice a year and is a much-needed reminder for communities about empathy, compassion and helping others.

Eid And Muslims

The social aspects of this Muslim festival are quite interesting to analyze. It is also the time of the year around which most Muslims do their obligatory charity work. This inculcates generosity in communities and a sense of togetherness. Even though traditions vary across the globe the essence remains the same which is sacrifice and empathy. The tradition dictates that Muslims donate a certain amount of portions of their meat to underprivileged and although Corona has made it difficult to congregate in one place the spirit of sacrifice still flows strong in the Muslim community.

eid people


Essence Of The Muslim Festival

Eid is not only about sacrificing animals but rather the symbolism associated with the sacrifice is important to think about. The sacrifice is about showing the willingness of Muslims for staying on the right path and trying their best about being responsible, compassionate, kind and empathetic adults.

Although 2020 has been one of the most challenging years we hope the spirit of Eid remains the same and isn’t dampened by the difficult situations that have been prevailing.

To our Muslim readers, Eid Mubarak!

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