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Ideal Career Path


This research work goes into detail about career paths. It contains real-life examples such as which career path has what type of prospects and why it is essential to choose the right career path (you can also go into detail about how one can branch out into other fields if need be).

Furthermore, the paper gives insight into the sexual bias faced by youngsters, when it comes to choosing a career. The main purpose of this study is to bring up the challenges faced by the people while technology continues to and so do the future prospects of the work environment. It focuses on the objectives of working and the different factors involved in choosing a specific field. Keywords:  autonomy, goals, experience, environment

The career path is a sequence of jobs done to acquire a certain goal or earn money. There are various constraints when it comes to choosing a career, also there are several trends in adopting a certain career for one’s life all over the world. In the west, careers are more defined as compared to the structure in the east where jobs are more fusing to each other’s domain rather than being specific. In order to survive, one has to choose a means of earning their livelihood.Thereforelivelihood., therefore, it is essential to choose a career proactively instead of experimenting with fatal ventures. The issue of choosing the right career for the right person became evident with the rise of the industrial revolution since it was a paradigm shift from a land-based economy to an industrial economy.  Since then, efforts have been put into resolving the issue of the best job for the best person. It has been done by setting up various career counseling guides as well as forecasted reports to guide in the best of all means.

Objectives behind choosing a career path:

•           Money:

The most important objective is to survive, however, there is more than just loving by hand and mouth and it involves an excess of money. Today’s youth considers money a major contribution to doing work.

“Making decisions based on money alone can be a big mistake”. (Onzain, 2017)

 •          Autonomy:

Some people choose to work independently. They can’t work under micro-management, mostly playing the roles of team leaders or entrepreneurs. The independence in the working environment can make them feel satisfied with their accomplishments. (Bortz, 2020)

•           Good faith:

The spiritual aspect can never be neglected in human society. In a corporate world, where people fight in cutthroat competitions, there are still some people out there who are philanthropists, such as Edhi or Rattan Tata are current examples in the modern world. (Onzain, 2017)

Factors contributing in choosing a career:

1.      Passion:

 Passion is the major driving force when it comes to acquiring any goal in life. In order to work persistently, overcome all hardships, and reach the destination. For example, a research scientist may spend his whole life finding the cure to some fatal disease.

2.      Experience:

Experience is the second major factor to continue a job. A person who is learned will find it easy to work in the field about which he is knowledgeable rather than grasping completely new concepts.

3.      Company goals:

It is easier if the goals of a company match with the goals of an individual. Well-known organizations develop their motives in order to make their employees religiously follow the motives of the company. Therefore, individuals must choose a career that coincides with their interests.

Gender constraints and choice of career:

In the modern world, it is a hot topic in every walk of life that is woman equality. The leading world powers and multinational companies claim to have achieved gender equality, Unfortunately, the statistics say differently.

Despite the rapid increase of women pursuing higher education globally, a gender gap in employment rates remains. among highly educated women and men in some countries.8

As a result,  the choices for eligible females when it comes to pursuing e a career remain limited. Statistics have revealed that females tend to have wider scope in the  Physician assistant line of work. 37% of females according to (Papandria, 2020) prefer being a physician assistant, while about 36% of females opt to be  Nurse practitioners.  36% are females(Papandria,2020), Physical therapist 78% of Physical therapists are females (Papandria,2020),  while only 255,000 women are working as management analysts.  (Hess,2018).

Glass ceiling effect: the effect talks about how that women are still deprived of reaching high-paying jobs or the highest positions in many corporate offices, mainly because most of the companies are led by men. such as CEO of most of the companies are still men.

Job Satisfaction and future prospects in top careers of the world:

Maslow’s hierarchy

Maslow has defined 5 main stages of human needs which he needs to be fulfilled during one’s lifetime, in order to lead a satisfying life. These include physiological needs, the need to feel safesafety needs, the need of love and belonging, esteem, and self-actualization. 

According to Maslow, a person can be further motivated through these factors. It also includes the extrinsic or intrinsic values which must be kept in mind before making a life-long decision like choosing a career.

Top jobs in the world and satisfaction rate

Research states that  IT jobs are the most seekedseeking jobs in the world. As Statista (2020), a business research site, has revealed that 78% of employees have assessed positively for future prospects of IT.

Similarly, this statistic shows the immediate career goals among workers worldwide as of September 2014, by generation. During the survey, 61 percent of the Generation Y respondents cited that they were more interested in acquiring new skills. (Statista,2020).


The ideal career path is an essential decision,  not only for an individual but also for organizations as well. It is pertinent for human resource management to create the right specific jobs for fulfilling the company’s objectives. According to research, an organization’s environment is also necessary for the satisfaction of employees.  (Okoshi and Hisamoto, 2013), Therefore, it is essential to ponder upon such an issue which is value addition in the organization as well as an individual’s life.


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