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Post pandemic life

What Would Life After Pandemic Look Like?

Everything was going fine when 2020 started but suddenly unforeseen unfortunate circumstances eclipsed the world. In early March WHO declared that we were facing another pandemic yet again. It meant one thing: the world was going to change and all we would soon know would be life after the pandemic.

The world started to resemble a dystopian novel overnight. We were not getting attacked by zombies, but we were getting attacked by a virus. The death toll started to skyrocket while the population of the world felt helpless in the face of this challenge.

Unlike the last time, however, we did have the science and evolution on our side. Thanks to years of evolution of science and technology, the humankind found hope in this bizarre situation. A dark time that had overtaken their lives. With the help of modern technology, we were able to know about the do’s and don’ts for this troubling time. Even if we don’t have a vaccine yet.

Corona was suddenly everywhere and that led to a global health emergency. The borders were closed, flights stopped, work shifted to home, education shifted to online classrooms. And just like that, the world came to a halt. All because of a mere virus. Arguably mere.

With the activities paused indefinitely, slowly and gradually there was an observable shift in the world. At a time where we witnessed several flaws of human nature (read as food hoarding). We were also able to witness acts of kindness, people helped the communities out of the goodness of their hearts. The world had changed.

How would life look like after pandemic?

COVID’19 Will Change The Economy

The biggest difference between the world before and after pandemic would perhaps be regarding the economic condition of the world. Although before the virus struck the world was thriving industry-wise, but when the world came to a pause there were a lot of restrictions imposed. An economic crisis suddenly took over many countries mainly because of the difficult business and trade conditions.

 Will The People Change?

Due to the nature of the virus, a lot of people had to spend considerable amounts of time in their homes. This brought several outcomes for society. People were grateful for the fact that even in these trying times they have people to rely on and appreciation for human relationships bloomed in society. A realization of what they had been missing on during the “ordinary” days.

Pandemic: A Crisis And An Opportunity

When everyone was suddenly restricted to their homes it became difficult to spend time sitting idly. This time provided respite to many from their exhausting schedules and an opportunity for others. It gave people the room to try out new things. Many people resorted to art, baking, cooking and much more. This inevitably gave way to many online art businesses and Instagram saw a lot of banana bread on a lot of kitchen counters.

Mutual Appreciation In The Society

Adapting to the changes was not an easy feat. While the world pondered on how to keep going on with their normal routines, we had extraordinary help from our healthcare workers and education staff who did not only give their 100% but rather went above and beyond to for all of us.

The internet was flooded with several accounts of teachers, doctors and other healthcare workers which told the stories of these people while we stayed in the safety of our homes. In the world after the pandemic the society may become more aware and appreciative of the efforts of education and healthcare workers more as compared than in normal days.

Policies For The Life After Pandemic

The situation unearthed the flaws and problems of the education and healthcare system for the bare eyes that weren’t possible before. On a massive scale, people observed where and how the systems lacked and hopefully this would also lead to many thoughtful policies in the future which benefit mutually to both the workers and the masses.

The Psychological Shift In The Society

The ample amount of time allowed the people to re-evaluate their priorities in life. New passions were found, and many companies are now even flourishing because of this. People were able to decide what they like and the direction in which they would like their future to go in. People are changing because of the global dynamic that has changed, led by the pandemic

The Environment Healing

Environment conservation is something that often gets ignored in our daily routines but when the calamity struck. People all over the world became more appreciative of the amenity services provided by the environment. Whether it’s the clean air or the scenic beauty that calms the hearts of many, environment preservation concern was something that got a lot of attention during this time as well.

While the world was amidst all this chaos, ironically the Earth was able to heal itself. Several animals returned to their natural habitats after a very long time. The carbon emissions reduced; ozone layer repaired which made people realize that perhaps saving the environment isn’t that hard after all.

What Can We Hope For Life After Pandemic?

There is going to be a drastic contrast between the world that was before the pandemic and the world that would emerge after the pandemic end. Whether the changes are physical or psychological the world has changed because of the pandemic. We hope that all the things that society was able to realize at homes, stays with them while they make the next choices in life. We hope that in life after pandemic our policies are kinder, choices are considerate, and our priorities are well thought.








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